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by Brett Watson


BSI Report Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Report Finds City of Arcata Spent $15,000 on Unlicensed Investigator to Produce Biased Investigation into Councilmember Brett Watson Statement from Brett Watson: Dear Community, The City-funded investigation into me earlier this year was incredibly problematic, ignored crucial facts and evidence, and inaccurately portrayed the events of what happened between me and a City employee. In my determination to provide the truth to the public, I hired an experienced and licensed Northern California investigator, Baker Street Investigations (BSI), at my own expense, to conduct a new independent and unbiased investigation into why the City-funded Kramer Workplace Investigations (KWI) (owned by Karen Kramer) was so poorly done, and what really happened. READ MORE...

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Full Summary of BSI Report

Additional Information Regarding the New Investigation In addition to my press release, here are some more detailed findings from the Baker Street Investigations report: “It appears that Karen Kramer (KWI) experienced Expectation Bias in her reporting.” Expectation Bias - A well-established phenomenon that occurs in scientific analysis when investigator(s) reach a premature conclusion without having examined or considered all of the relevant data. Instead of collecting and examining all of the data in a logical and unbiased manner to reach a scientifically reliable conclusion, the investigator(s) uses the premature determination to dictate investigative processes, analyses, and, ultimately, conclusions, in a way that is not scientifically valid. READ MORE...

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Why I Hired a New Investigator

On May 17th of this year, the City Council held a special meeting to admonish me for baseless allegations made against me by a staff member who became frustrated with me as I emerged from a deep depression, resulting in her no longer being able to control me as a council member. The only information supporting these allegations was unsubstantiated interviews of two people who had something to gain from my resignation (see new report), contained in an unprofessional and completely biased “investigation report” conducted by Karen Kramer of Kramer Workplace Investigations (KWI), implying she was an actual investigator. A report the Arcata taxpayers were forced to spend $15000.00 on.


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Having an “Extraprofessional” Relationship with an Employee

Historically, since I started in 2017, the employee and I had constantly butted heads as I would routinely discover inappropriate and sometimes illegal decisions she would make (I’m compiling a list with supporting evidence to share with the public as soon as possible). Long before any of these allegations were made, I had warned every council member about this employee. In January of 2019, it became apparent to me that the employee was not going to change her behavior. A former council member, supervisor, and mentor told me, “She’s going to do what she’s going to do.”

In an effort to try a different approach with the employee, and to try and spare her from an embarrassing READ MORE…

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Questions EVERYONE Should Be Asking

I’d like to pose these questions to the community:

Who is making the decisions in the City of Arcata? I believe the ultimate decision-making power and responsibility for these decisions lies with the Council and no one else. Attorneys and staff are there to advise the Council, not make decisions without our knowledge or consent. As you read this, please keep in mind there are two possibilities. 1. The staff is acting independently without consent from the Council. 2. The Council is fully aware of all of the decisions that are being made and approving them outside of publicly noticed meetings, violating The Brown Act. In either case, the responsibility still falls on the Council and is READ MORE…

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New BSI Report


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